Social media, Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

social-linksEverywhere one looks, people seem satisfied with mediocrity. However, at web design Seoland Cape Town Design –  we are not. We know that in the modern market even “good” just isn’t enough. ”

Now more than ever, organizations that wish to remain relevant to the modern world must take their online presence seriously. Whether you are a business, an NGO, or a voluntary organization, connecting to consumers and citizens is vital. Ensure that you do it correctly.

We cover all three of the most important online services, and offer a wide range of bespoke and unique solutions, tailored for modern businesses.
Web Design Norwich

With so many companies pulling together an online presence every day, consumers can rapidly become tired of websites which look identical. Achieving a unique look is imperative. We listen to your needs and find out about your organization, then design a stunning and exclusive website which works specifically for your brand. From functionality to layout, we ensure that those visiting your site will get exactly what they need, when they need it, and in style.

In particular, we will draw on our understanding of existing academic and practitioner research relating to sophisticated web design practice, ensuring that your online presence is at the very cutting edge of the sector. Whether you are looking for only a few pages that get across the essence of your brand and which communicate information simply, or a fully-fledged e-commerce platform which can handle multiple product lines, we are able to create a web application to suit your requirements.

Whether you are a business or a voluntary organization, you need to stand out from the crowd in order to grow and thrive. A well designed web presence is key to starting that process, entrust your online projects to our web design Norwich company.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Cape Town

Even if you are already happy with the design of your online presence, it will not be of much use to you if no one can find it. Simply putting your website online and waiting for customers to flock to you will not work. As in the traditional business and campaigning worlds, you need to take proactive steps to draw attention to your brand, create prominence, and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

In the online sphere, the best way to do this is to ensure that the content of your website is optimized, so as to be most effectively picked up by search engines. Ranking highly within engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing is one of the most significant factors which drive customers to choose your brand over that of a competitor. Our detailed understanding of the ways in which such search engines rank websites, as well as our up-to-date knowledge of the best ways to ensure that your online presence is always at the top of the pile, makes SEO an investment worth making.

Social Media Cape Town

Whilst many consumers trust search engines to provide them with useful results, there is no more trustworthy source of reliable information when choosing a service than word-of-mouth. This has always been the case in the offline world, and continues to be true when considering services provided via the web. When considering your online presence, social media serves as the equivalent of word-of-mouth, and as such your social media strategy is crucial in both advertising your website and better understanding your consumers and peers.

Social media marketing is more opening a Facebook and Twitter page

Many organizations believe that it is adequate simply to create a Facebook and Twitter presence, and then occasionally post thoughts and product advertisements through them. To limit your social media strategy to such efforts is to waste one of the most powerful communication tools in the world. It is crucial to understand the interactive nature of social media channels, and web design Cape Town company can advise you on the best ways to connect with customers, opinion-formers, and even celebrities.

Don’t be like your competitors. Don’t settle for a mediocre website, a poor ranking on search engines, and a token social media presence. Take your online game to the next level with the best web design company in Cape Town DESIGN, and you’ll soon see the results. Increase your customer base, your website hits, and your reputation – and do it today.

The method that SEO firms use to create a Social media policy

social-media-for-seoA good search engine optimization firm or SEO firm know that you need them to get your site to the higher rankings. To do this is easier said than done though. There are so many things that you are able to so that can increase your page rankings but it is a good idea to get a good SEO firm to do the work for you instead. This is because SEO companies know that SEO takes a lot of time and quite a lot of patience. One of the great methods that SEO firms use is to create a Social Media Policy online so that you can increase your page rankings.

Once again this is easier said than done though. In the past social media was not that important because people did not know how to use it to their advantage. But now people have figured out the ways for them to be able to use social media to gain the upper edge on their competition. The social media side of the web has over the past couple of years grown so massively important to users that it is so stupid for a person not to take advantage of it. Social media comes only second to mobile presence online when it comes to wanting to increase your page rankings for the top brands. The biggest problem that the creators of social branding is the way in which you need to figure out how you are able to determine the return on your investment, or ROI. This is especially harder if your investment is just time itself.
You can have the biggest and best web site but you need to have a fair, strong, and clear policy to your day to day business decisions to make any big impact to your business outline. If you are running a big business, the decisions you make on a daily basis relating to your employee staff times, setting vendor discounts, and dealing with the press etc. are always the harder decisions but when it comes to dealing with the worldwide communication platform your decisions should be treated in the same manner.

The social media policies was brought back into the line of fire last month with the situation involving HMV (the international retailer of music and entertainment.) They announced that they would be laying off a number of people so that they would be able to make up for some costs. Then someone tweeted the number of firings and before you knew it the whole situation went viral online. This affected the online presence of HMV very negatively. This is all because they did not have a proper hold on their social media marketing. Something so small almost bankrupted a huge company like HMV. This is why big SEO corporations know why that social media marketing is so important.