SEO writing especially for bloggers

content-writingI have been doing SEO writing for an Emarketing Company  for a very very long time and in this time I have picked up a few tricks here and there that might be useful to you. I have created a couple of pages regarding SEO Companies and the strategy that they might use to manipulate their site getting to the top of their page ranking of their particular field. In this page I will be talking about some advanced SEO tips that a lot of the Online marketing company’s use to help you with your own site.

For quite some time I have been writing pages and blog post on search engine optimization for a lot of different types of search engines and the methods that most of them use. These pages are mostly for beginners. This page is more for the advanced user. When I say advanced though, it might be advanced to one person but to the next, it could be standard knowledge. Having said this, I am not an “expert” but merely a writer of sorts that has picked up a few key tips or tricks on the way to help in my efforts.

If you are a copywriter or a blogger, it is my personal opinion that you become well attuned to the methods of SEO. This will help you very much when it comes to trying in getting your blog to be read by a lot of people. Search engines are still the most productive way for people to find the most recent or fresh content that you can find online. SO it is very important for you to know how these SEO Companies use their tips and tricks on you own site so that you are able to apply it to your site. The more of these tricks that you are able to apply the better for your site at the end of the day. Do not just learn these tricks but understand them.

Planning is essential

Like any other project that you undertake, always plan ahead. Planning your posts is important. Always think about what you are wanting to write about and make sure that the one post always tends to follow the one before it. If you lose your target audience then you might lose any further potential incoming traffic. Remember to keep it relevant and to the point. People that tend to get bored or lose interest tend to start looking elsewhere at more interesting posts.

Update your blogs constantly

Search engines like fresh up to date content that is unique and well written content. I would advise that you update your blogs or sites at least 3-4 times a week. By doing this you keep the search engines happy. Frequency is key. The more well written content that you have the better. This is why blogs are always loved by search engines because they are updated almost daily. Having said this, yes the more content that you have the better, but try to remember that your content must be well written and to the point.

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