Google SEO Keyword tools

online-marketing-picThere are so many of these keyword tools that you are able to use but the ones that I have found and that the bigger SEO company’s use, are the Google tools and my favorite is Wordtracker. But the advantage that the Google tool offers you is to be able to also research trends in the search engines. This can be a very useful tool if you are looking towards the future. FI you are looking to fork out some cash on getting a more premium keyword research tool then I would suggest something like SEObooks or SEOmoz or Raven tools. These are all very good but I have found that the bigger SEO company’s do not even use these tools so h=I have just stuck with those that I get for free because I have no need for the tools that the premium versions offer you. But at the end of the day what you are basically looking for is a low competition key phrase.

The high competition key phrases are a much harder market to break into because of the fact that so many people are using them and therefore you will struggle to get in there. This is why I would suggest that you use the low competition key phrases because it is much easier for you to be able to get to the top of the search rankings using these keywords phrase because less people are using them. Having said this, do not obviously go for the most useless keyword phrase. I tend to use those that are more in the middle. The ones that users are searching for a lot but also that not many people are using for their own site. Make sense?

I can also tell you what the bigger SEO companies do. What they do is to take one of the words or keyword phrases and to type it into Google’s search bar but putting in quotation marks. For example it would look something like this, “How to install windows themes?” What the SEO companies then do is, to look at the number that appears on the bottom of the search box. The number tends to be bigger than 75,000, then they tend to avoid it because this means that that keyword phrase is very highly competitive. But if it has a lower number then they tend to use those keyword phrases because the market will be much easier for you to get into. Does this make sense?

Having said this, note that if a keyword phrase has a lower competitive rate, this does not mean that the users are not searching for it and you will receive less traffic. A better way to think about it is, if that keyword phrase sends you less traffic it will not matter because that keyword phrase is something that is being highly targeted by the user. Does this make sense?

The design of the seo project

web-marketingThis article is a follow up on do seo firms actually know what they are doing or not
After setting up one of the study members up with a PEPS account, it was time for them to jump to work. What the study member then did was, they compiled a list of general questions that a business owner who was new to the world of SEO would want to ask. They targeted a number of SEO firms for advise, but they were keeping in mind that the questions would need to be answered in a way to determine whether the methods in which the SEO firms would answer their questions was being answered in and ethical or unethical manner. This as also to determine the knowledge of the Search Engine Optimization Corporation. Once they sat the benchmarks for the questions they could email the said questions to the SEO firms that were being tested. The questions looked some things as follows

  • Are there any areas that you can see for some quick improvement? And are we doing some thing that might put us at risk or be dangerous to our page ranking?
  • There has been a lot of talk around the subject of the “Panda and Penguin” penalties relating to Google. Can you explain what this is? Can you explain what the penalties are? Are we at risk of these said penalties? How are you able to tell whether or not we have been effected by these penalties?
  • What is better, a .com domain or a .org domain? What is the difference between them and which one works more effectively?
  • If I am getting a lot of email with people offering us to buy links or exchanging links should I take this opportunity? If not then why? And how can this help me?

The study member then decided what agencies they wanted to email by doing a search engine search for the words, SEO firm, SEO company, and SEO services. They then send out the email to those SEO firms.
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The method that SEO firms use to create a Social media policy

social-media-for-seoA good search engine optimization firm or SEO firm know that you need them to get your site to the higher rankings. To do this is easier said than done though. There are so many things that you are able to so that can increase your page rankings but it is a good idea to get a good SEO firm to do the work for you instead. This is because SEO companies know that SEO takes a lot of time and quite a lot of patience. One of the great methods that SEO firms use is to create a Social Media Policy online so that you can increase your page rankings.

Once again this is easier said than done though. In the past social media was not that important because people did not know how to use it to their advantage. But now people have figured out the ways for them to be able to use social media to gain the upper edge on their competition. The social media side of the web has over the past couple of years grown so massively important to users that it is so stupid for a person not to take advantage of it. Social media comes only second to mobile presence online when it comes to wanting to increase your page rankings for the top brands. The biggest problem that the creators of social branding is the way in which you need to figure out how you are able to determine the return on your investment, or ROI. This is especially harder if your investment is just time itself.
You can have the biggest and best web site but you need to have a fair, strong, and clear policy to your day to day business decisions to make any big impact to your business outline. If you are running a big business, the decisions you make on a daily basis relating to your employee staff times, setting vendor discounts, and dealing with the press etc. are always the harder decisions but when it comes to dealing with the worldwide communication platform your decisions should be treated in the same manner.

The social media policies was brought back into the line of fire last month with the situation involving HMV (the international retailer of music and entertainment.) They announced that they would be laying off a number of people so that they would be able to make up for some costs. Then someone tweeted the number of firings and before you knew it the whole situation went viral online. This affected the online presence of HMV very negatively. This is all because they did not have a proper hold on their social media marketing. Something so small almost bankrupted a huge company like HMV. This is why big SEO corporations know why that social media marketing is so important.


SEO Consultants using Business blog posts and ideas

seo friendly designWhen it comes to having a business, you cannot afford to have something like a writer’s block which writers get. Your business is always on the line and you can’t afford any day that you waste, because every day wasted is money lost. This is why people like blogs because you do not have to write something very day, whereas if you are an established writer you have deadlines that you have to meat and if you do not meet them then you will lose your business. If you are writing blogs you are able to update them at your own speed and write something whenever you want to.

Having said this blogging is not professional journalism. DO not get the two confused. Yes you do have professional journalists that have blogs but you do not have to have a degree to be able to create a blog. SEO consultants love blogs. This is because they know how to use the blogging infrastructure to their advantage; this is because SEO consultants know that blogging can play one of the biggest roles in doing your web marketing.

If you have a business blog then you have the ultimate content resource at your disposal, and that is the internet. There are many types of different ways that your business blog posts can be categorized which can later be implemented into a proper plan. These plans can be in the form of a series of reminders in outlook, editorial calendars, or a notepad on your desktop where you keep writing down all your different ideas. There are many different types of ideas that the SEO consultants use. There are certain things that you need to remember when you are creating a blog and that is what I am going to be talking about now. A great way for me to try and explain all these example of ideas is for you to keep a category in mind. Lasts make this category about cars.

Image posts

Image posts are sometimes the easiest blogs that you are able to put together. This is because you have two major sources for your content. The first is, the fact that you are able to get images directly from the source as it is happening. The second content resources that you have available are obviously the internet itself. For example, if you are trying to sell Fords then you would obviously be able to take photos of your cars as you have then in your car park plus you are able to source them from the internet, You can take these pictures yourself or take one or to form other websites. Keep in mind though, that if you take images from other sites, that you make sure that those sites get recognition for it. People do not like doing all the work and then having someone take their hard work from them, but if you give them some accomplishment for it then they tend not have problem because you are giving them attention which they did not even ask for. It’s a win win. This is something that SEO consultants do very well.

SEO Company Cape Town

seo in cape townThere is a new SEO company out of Cape Town that is very fast becoming one of the top competitors when it comes to search engine optimization. The experts at this SEO Company in Cape Town know that there is I huge demand for the growing need of users needing a proficient SEO company. I have listed some of the techniques that they use in their arsenal to get your web site to number one on the page rankings.

Content is king

This Cape Town based SEO company know that content is king in search engine optimization. Creating your own unique content is the only way to go I making a new page. They do not create duplicate content pages because they know that it can take only one duplicate content page to ruin your standings on the page rankings. You need to be able to right one of a kind content. Content that is relevant and to the point. This SEO Company in Cape Town creates articles of between four hundred to five hundred words to submit on blogs and then link it back to your site.
What this does is one of two things main things. One, it creates another link to your site which is a good thing in the eyes of the search engines because it seems as though your site is a very talked about subject. Remember the more natural links you have coming to your site the better for you. It also increases your traffic due to the many more ways that users are able to find you. Two, the content that they create for you is very unique. You will never find two that are the same.

Create your site map

The experts at the new Online marketing Company in the Western Cape have found it more often than none that users tend to forget about their site map. When it comes to SEO, this is one of the most important things that you need to do and forget about it is not an option. What the site map actually does is it shows the spiders how many incoming links that you have coming into your site and going from your site and where they are coming from or going too. Sounds simple? Without a site map it can take you ten times longer to be indexed. Show the spiders where to go, gives them less work and therefore you get indexed faster. The faster you get indexed, the faster you climb on the page rankings.

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Seo Consultants explain how to get to the top

search-pictureThis page has been created not only for SEO consultants but also for anybody else that just wants to enhance their search engine optimizing productivity. This page does carry on form another page but there is no need for you to go and read that page first although I do recommend that you do so, as I will be continuing from where I left off.

When last I finished writing, I was discussing the important of being indexed and the role that the  internet spiders have therein. AS you may know (and all SEO consultants) is the important role that spiders play in being indexed and how fast this can happen.
I left off last by stating that the easiest way to get noticed by the spiders is by creating a site map and showing the links that you have incoming or outgoing from your site. The more that you have the better obviously.
You need to keep a couple of things in mind when you are trying to grab the attention of the spiders. One thing that you must keep in mind is that spiders love clean HTML code and XHTML. Spiders don’t really like JavaScript. If you really must use JavaScript then I what I suggest that you do is, to put it in an external file and then use and include call. Its a known fact that Emarketing Consultant use this trick a lot.
Once gain another thing that they do not like is the use of CSS files. Once again what I suggest you do is put it in an external CSS file. And lastly they really hate non-dynamic URL paths.
The last and probably most important is the non-dynamic URL paths. SEO consulates know that spiders really do not like these. You find this problem a lot with online shopping sites because that non-dynamic URL path eventually becomes a default setting, depending in what system you might be using to create them.
To give you an example of what the spiders do not like is: SEO advisor try to avoid these as far as possible because they can sometimes have a negative effect on your site if you have too many of them.

The easiest way to do this that I have found is to make those non-dynamic URL into a static URL. SO if I had to use the same previous example then it would look something like: If you want to be even more SEO consultant friendly then you would want it to look something like Doing this on the other hand is a hole other stories on its own. Takes a lot of time and patients.

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More Advanced SEO tips

Search-engine-optimisationThis page was been created with the intent to help you in improving your SEO services with you customers. This page does follow on from another page but it is not futile that you read that page first. The helpings on this page will more suit the advanced user.

Always remember that if you are on a shared server that you always every now and then go back and check that you are not on a proxy with a banned or spammed site. If you are then if they have a negative or unsavory reputation this could be linked to you and thus reflect badly on you.
All search engines like content that is fresh, up to date, and unique. It is very easy to rip out dozens of different content with poor quality but this can actually obstruct you form the actual goal. Sometimes less content with unique qualities can be much more successful than a bunch of irrelevant content. SO keep things fresh and one of a kind but barring in mind the more quality the better.

One very easy and very effective way to get a lot of weight with search engines is to use .edu domains. Create a web site with a .edu domain that is for non-profit and that sponsors are looking for and “abra cadabra” you have another high quality site that you can link back to and so on and so forth.

It is very important to understand social marketing and how they work and target their market. The better your understating of how these sites like, for example Facebook or twitter work then the better your understanding of the different types of search engines you will have.

Creating a video sitemap and registering it with your Google webmasters central account is a very very good idea. If you do this then it makes it much easier for the crawlers to find you and this in turn pushes up your page rank and this leads to more traffic which leads to increase in productivity.
It is a very good idea to broaden your horizons when it comes to SEO. Try using videos, podcasts or even social content in your range of services. It is not just 10 blue links making up SEO anymore but a wide variety of components. The more attractive your links look the better it is for you.
If you are concerned about the spiders thinking that you are making duplicating content and you are worried about the one site that you really want to stay then, I it a very good idea to put the URL of the preferred page on your sitemap.

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