Google SEO Keyword tools

online-marketing-picThere are so many of these keyword tools that you are able to use but the ones that I have found and that the bigger SEO company’s use, are the Google tools and my favorite is Wordtracker. But the advantage that the Google tool offers you is to be able to also research trends in the search engines. This can be a very useful tool if you are looking towards the future. FI you are looking to fork out some cash on getting a more premium keyword research tool then I would suggest something like SEObooks or SEOmoz or Raven tools. These are all very good but I have found that the bigger SEO company’s do not even use these tools so h=I have just stuck with those that I get for free because I have no need for the tools that the premium versions offer you. But at the end of the day what you are basically looking for is a low competition key phrase.

The high competition key phrases are a much harder market to break into because of the fact that so many people are using them and therefore you will struggle to get in there. This is why I would suggest that you use the low competition key phrases because it is much easier for you to be able to get to the top of the search rankings using these keywords phrase because less people are using them. Having said this, do not obviously go for the most useless keyword phrase. I tend to use those that are more in the middle. The ones that users are searching for a lot but also that not many people are using for their own site. Make sense?

I can also tell you what the bigger SEO companies do. What they do is to take one of the words or keyword phrases and to type it into Google’s search bar but putting in quotation marks. For example it would look something like this, “How to install windows themes?” What the SEO companies then do is, to look at the number that appears on the bottom of the search box. The number tends to be bigger than 75,000, then they tend to avoid it because this means that that keyword phrase is very highly competitive. But if it has a lower number then they tend to use those keyword phrases because the market will be much easier for you to get into. Does this make sense?

Having said this, note that if a keyword phrase has a lower competitive rate, this does not mean that the users are not searching for it and you will receive less traffic. A better way to think about it is, if that keyword phrase sends you less traffic it will not matter because that keyword phrase is something that is being highly targeted by the user. Does this make sense?

The design of the seo project

web-marketingThis article is a follow up on do seo firms actually know what they are doing or not
After setting up one of the study members up with a PEPS account, it was time for them to jump to work. What the study member then did was, they compiled a list of general questions that a business owner who was new to the world of SEO would want to ask. They targeted a number of SEO firms for advise, but they were keeping in mind that the questions would need to be answered in a way to determine whether the methods in which the SEO firms would answer their questions was being answered in and ethical or unethical manner. This as also to determine the knowledge of the Search Engine Optimization Corporation. Once they sat the benchmarks for the questions they could email the said questions to the SEO firms that were being tested. The questions looked some things as follows

  • Are there any areas that you can see for some quick improvement? And are we doing some thing that might put us at risk or be dangerous to our page ranking?
  • There has been a lot of talk around the subject of the “Panda and Penguin” penalties relating to Google. Can you explain what this is? Can you explain what the penalties are? Are we at risk of these said penalties? How are you able to tell whether or not we have been effected by these penalties?
  • What is better, a .com domain or a .org domain? What is the difference between them and which one works more effectively?
  • If I am getting a lot of email with people offering us to buy links or exchanging links should I take this opportunity? If not then why? And how can this help me?

The study member then decided what agencies they wanted to email by doing a search engine search for the words, SEO firm, SEO company, and SEO services. They then send out the email to those SEO firms.
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SEO services for advanced users

seo-2014This page was been created with the intent to help you in improving your SEO services with your customers. This page does follow on from another page but it will help if you read that page first. The helpings on this page will more suit the advanced user.

The time and date that you put your blogs online is vitally important. This is because there is going to come a time that there is going to be someone else that also has a blog about the same topic. If their content comes on later than yours It might be seen as more important by the search engines because their time is closer to the current time. This is a never ending struggle with SEO services because you are naturally unable to keep loading blog after blog after blog every minute of the day. But if you load one on every week or so this will help you in your standings.
SEO services use this strategy a lot. If your blog has become a source of current information that people tend to be using quite a lot then it would be a good idea to convert them into independent pages on your site. This is effective to SEO services because it makes them easier to maintain and it help with your page ranking.

Remember to focus your content searching keywords to also answer frequently asked for content. For example if someone is searched for an answer to something then try to direct some of your content in that direction. This helps you in being recognized by the search engines as someone that has the answers to specific contact that people might be looking for. Remember to keep things simple and to the point. Marketing services sometimes provide a FAQ page to their sites. This is a brilliant idea because if some types a question into the search bar of a search engine for instance then their site comes up more easily because this is precisely what it would say on their main page, Make sense. Ok, let me give you an example, someone searches for “how to make ice cream.” Then I would advise that you have a page that answers that specific question.  SEO services companies spend a lot of time doing this because of how effective it is for them.

Please note that if you do use this strategy that you content needs to be correct. This is because if you have the wrong answers then it is less likely that users will use your site again because you have the incorrect information that is of no assistance to them.  You need to understand how to keep your target  audience captivated.

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Some easy to use SEO tips, lets continued – Part 2

online-marketing-planThis page is all about search engine optimization. In our previous pages we discuss how using search engine optimization or SEO to make your site better and to get more traffic to your site. It is not necessary to read the other pages but it would be a good idea because the more information that you have the better it would be for you.  Information is king as they say.

Make user friendly URL’s

IT is a good idea to make your site as user friendly as possible and this especially includes your URL’s. In your file names and URL’s use keywords that are specific to the subject and user friendly. For example:  Always remember that if you have more than 4 hyphens in your URL, people tend to think that it might be spam I they might not click on it. Try to be short and sweet but to the point and using specific keywords. Also remember that when you are creating your URL’s or file names that hyphens are treated as a space and underscores are not. This is sometimes very useful.

Research your keywords when doing SEO

When you are starting a new site or project it is a good idea to do some keyword research. There are many ways for you to do this but if you do not have a lot of money and you want to take the cheaper option then you can always find free wordtrackers on the net. Some good examples of free word trackers are Google’s adwords keyword tool, wordtracker or keyword discovery. All these versions obviously have more expensive and better versions but the free versions work perfectly well. What these tools basically do is, it show s you the relative volume of one word compared to another. Obviously always try to use the keywords with the highest volumes because these are the keywords that are being looked up in search engines the most. This is a very popular trick with some SEO companies. If you like you can find out more about these services we provide.

search-pictureSEO Firms always the correct option

Do not forget that when you are writing an article for instance that you always need to write to the user and not to focus on getting to the highest page rank through Google or some other search engine. Remember that your article could be the best in the eyes of the search engine and get you the highest page ranking but if it does not make sense and you are not writing for the reader then people will stop coming to your site no matter what your rank on the page ranking might be.


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SEO writing especially for bloggers

content-writingI have been doing SEO writing for an Emarketing Company  for a very very long time and in this time I have picked up a few tricks here and there that might be useful to you. I have created a couple of pages regarding SEO Companies and the strategy that they might use to manipulate their site getting to the top of their page ranking of their particular field. In this page I will be talking about some advanced SEO tips that a lot of the Online marketing company’s use to help you with your own site.

For quite some time I have been writing pages and blog post on search engine optimization for a lot of different types of search engines and the methods that most of them use. These pages are mostly for beginners. This page is more for the advanced user. When I say advanced though, it might be advanced to one person but to the next, it could be standard knowledge. Having said this, I am not an “expert” but merely a writer of sorts that has picked up a few key tips or tricks on the way to help in my efforts.

If you are a copywriter or a blogger, it is my personal opinion that you become well attuned to the methods of SEO. This will help you very much when it comes to trying in getting your blog to be read by a lot of people. Search engines are still the most productive way for people to find the most recent or fresh content that you can find online. SO it is very important for you to know how these SEO Companies use their tips and tricks on you own site so that you are able to apply it to your site. The more of these tricks that you are able to apply the better for your site at the end of the day. Do not just learn these tricks but understand them.

Planning is essential

Like any other project that you undertake, always plan ahead. Planning your posts is important. Always think about what you are wanting to write about and make sure that the one post always tends to follow the one before it. If you lose your target audience then you might lose any further potential incoming traffic. Remember to keep it relevant and to the point. People that tend to get bored or lose interest tend to start looking elsewhere at more interesting posts.

Update your blogs constantly

Search engines like fresh up to date content that is unique and well written content. I would advise that you update your blogs or sites at least 3-4 times a week. By doing this you keep the search engines happy. Frequency is key. The more well written content that you have the better. This is why blogs are always loved by search engines because they are updated almost daily. Having said this, yes the more content that you have the better, but try to remember that your content must be well written and to the point.

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Some easy to use Search Engine Optimization tips

seo-pageIt is not just big businesses that are realizing the growing need for efficient Search Engine Optimization companies but the small business to. Anybody can learn the basics to search engine optimization or SEO, but it take the really good SEO Company to understand every aspect for what needs to be done and how things work. In this page I’m going to list just a few key features that any Emarketing company uses from a day to day basis. You can scan the web and find many different blogs about SEO Company’s but at this point in time there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the subject about what the “basics” really are.

Patience is key when doing SEO

SEO takes a great deal of patience and a lot of your time. Things do not just happen overnight. You need to be patient and take your time and focus on doing whatever you are doing right the first time. Always remember that the smaller the business or company your are the harder it will be for you to be noticed. It can sometimes take up to several months to see any gratification in your results and this especially applies if you are new to the internet scene.

SEO takes commitment

Because of the fact that search engine algorithms are changing almost daily, you will need to be able to commit and make the appropriate changes. It is not just a onetime thing that you do maybe once every month but almost a daily routine that you will need to follow to make any sort of success for yourself.

Learn all there is to be learned about SEO.

Things on the internet scene are changing on a daily basis. Learn all there is to be learn about search engine optimization and the easier it will make your life at the end of the day. If you are starting to do search engine optimization on your own and teaching yourself, then be sure to study everything very carefully and that you understand it. It is very easy to get lost in this crazy world.

Ask questions-questions-questions

If you are not going the do-it-yourself way and you have decided to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization Organization, then the more question you ask the better. And ask about everything. This can be especially tricky if you do not know much about the subject because there are a lot of people out there that can manipulate and confuse you very easily. So maybe read up about the subject before hand.

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