SEO services that can help improve your businesses standings

social-linksThis page is a continuation for the previous pages that I have written to help those how are wanting to use SEO services  to enhance their presence online. A Digital Marketing Corporation have many strategies in their arsenal.  Some  take some time to perfect and understand but here are a few tips for you to try that you can use to enhance your own online presence.

What is deep linking?

Deep linking is also a big strategy used by Digital Marketing Companies. Deep linking refers to creating a URL that directs you straight to a picture or page on your web site. It does not take you to the main page necessarily. They use this technique because it is a great way to gain presence on the net.

Manipulating the spiders to find you.

Manipulating your website to have the spiders find you is sometimes not that easy. The easiest way for you to do this is to create a site map on your page. This is a great means for the spiders to see the number of incoming or outgoing links to your page and having them crawl them. Basically it is like a huge web that they can see and traverse  and criss cross between the corresponding sites. It shoes them for example that this link goes here, then this link goes there and then it circles them around to this ink and so on and so on. Basically just showing them where to go. Remember that the spiders like fresh content all the time and to keep feeding them accordingly.

What is Link Juice and where does it come from.

The easiest way for me to try explain this is by an example. Let’s say you have developed and designed a new website. Now naturally no-one will know about this site from day one because there is so many other things that have to happen before it gets to that stage, like being assessed by spiders, getting page rank, linking to other sites, getting Google approval, etc.

But an easy way for it to get noticed is by linking it to one of your other sites that gets a lot of traffic already. In this way when it gets added to your site map then the spiders see the link to this site and it gets indexed faster. This works especially well if the page that you linking form is a high content and high traffic page. In this way the new site kind of leaches of the main site. But don’t think that this makes the main page loose and ranking. To the contrary it boosts it even more. Both sites get Link juice because of the fact that Google sees more content being added to the main page and everybody know how much Google loves content. This is a trick that big SEO services Company’s think that only know but is one of the biggest strategies in their arsenal.
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Some easy to use Search Engine Optimization tips

seo-pageIt is not just big businesses that are realizing the growing need for efficient Search Engine Optimization companies but the small business to. Anybody can learn the basics to search engine optimization or SEO, but it take the really good SEO Company to understand every aspect for what needs to be done and how things work. In this page I’m going to list just a few key features that any Emarketing company uses from a day to day basis. You can scan the web and find many different blogs about SEO Company’s but at this point in time there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the subject about what the “basics” really are.

Patience is key when doing SEO

SEO takes a great deal of patience and a lot of your time. Things do not just happen overnight. You need to be patient and take your time and focus on doing whatever you are doing right the first time. Always remember that the smaller the business or company your are the harder it will be for you to be noticed. It can sometimes take up to several months to see any gratification in your results and this especially applies if you are new to the internet scene.

SEO takes commitment

Because of the fact that search engine algorithms are changing almost daily, you will need to be able to commit and make the appropriate changes. It is not just a onetime thing that you do maybe once every month but almost a daily routine that you will need to follow to make any sort of success for yourself.

Learn all there is to be learned about SEO.

Things on the internet scene are changing on a daily basis. Learn all there is to be learn about search engine optimization and the easier it will make your life at the end of the day. If you are starting to do search engine optimization on your own and teaching yourself, then be sure to study everything very carefully and that you understand it. It is very easy to get lost in this crazy world.

Ask questions-questions-questions

If you are not going the do-it-yourself way and you have decided to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization Organization, then the more question you ask the better. And ask about everything. This can be especially tricky if you do not know much about the subject because there are a lot of people out there that can manipulate and confuse you very easily. So maybe read up about the subject before hand.

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Quick tips that are sometimes forgotten with SEO – Part 4

social-linksThis page is a continuation of our previous sites that we have found to be very successful to some of our readers. They found that when they took the time to read through this page they found something to increase their productivity in the Online Marketing Company. Some of these tips you may know and might have just forgotten about but what do you have to loose. Positive feedback is always a plus. So you like this page then please let us know. Below are some useful tips and perks.

Get your Social marks up

It is very important to understand social marketing and how they work and target their market. The better your understating of how these sites like, for example Facebook or twitter work then the better your understanding of the different types of search engines you will have.

Creating a video sitemap and registering it with your Google webmasters central account is a very very good idea. If you do this then it makes it much easier for the crawlers to find you and this in turn pushes up your page rank and this leads to more traffic which leads to increase in productivity.
Remember to submit your videos to other sites like yahoo, bing, AOL etc. because although YouTube might be the most popular it helps because it helps you get seen. Remember Google blended search result don’t just show YouTube results (it might come up first but this is because their Cape Town SEO Company is one of the best) but “blends” the rest in as well.

Video content works just like picture content. Remember to surround your video with high quality rich content to define the usefulness of your videos or site itself.

If you are using a lot of images in your web site then remember to enable “enhanced image search” in your Google webmasters central account. Google uses blended search result which means that if you make it easier for Google to find your pictures or images then it just works in your benefit.
It is a very good idea to broaden your horizons when it comes to SEO. Try using videos, podcasts or even social content in your range of services. It is not just 10 blue links making up SEO anymore but a wide variety of components. The more attractive your links look the better it is for you.

If you are concerned about the spiders thinking that you are making duplicating content and you are worried about the one site that you really want to stay then, I it a very good idea to put the URL of the preferred page on your sitemap.

10 Great tips to getting you started with SEO

online-marketingIf you are a successful business with a web site then it is almost imperative that you are using SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. What this means is that you are trying to get the highest possible position on Google or Bing or any other of the popular search engines out there. And why do you ask? Well how many times have you goggled something, let’s say you looking for a new pair of shoes, so you type in new Nike shoes. Then what comes up is a number of web pages that you can visit for that particular item you looking for. But the question is how many of those sites do you visit before redefining your search? Three? Four? It has been shown that 75% of users don’t look past the forth web site. So this means that the higher you are on the “rankings” then the higher your chances of consumers visiting your website and therefore increasing sales and productivity. Sometimes SEO can be very complex with reconstruction of your entire site but there are a few things that you can do every day to help improve your websites rating. All it takes is a little bit of patience hard work and time.


Here I am going to give you 10 quick and easy tips to getting you started.

  1. Monitor where you are in the rankings for your particular website. Knowledge is key and without knowing where you stand in the rankings you will not know whether or not your SEO is working. There are also different tools or applications that you can use to do this so that you don’t have to do it yourself. These programs include Alexa, MarketingVox and even Google toolbar to name a few.
  2. It is also very important to know your client market and to know what they are looking for and to know what keywords they are using to find your specific website. The better your keywords the better traffic to your site.
  3. Now number three is probably the most important. And this is keywords. Keywords are the building foundation to any form of SEO. The incorrect use of the right keywords can make or break your site. Using keywords that visitors will not be using means less traffic to your site and therefore a loss in productivity. You should carefully place your keywords properly in all the aspects of your webpage. This would be in your content, titles, image names and urls. Think of your keywords as the “search terms” that people would input to find your site. The two most important places to put your “search terms” would be in your header and your title tag.
  4. Now I have just emphasized how important keywords are and now you are probably thinking that you want to put them everywhere but beware not to overdo it. Putting to many keywords into your site is dangers because there are programmes designed to search the internet and to label certain sites as spam. Too many keywords equal spam. If you are labelled as spam then visitors will not visit your site.
  5. Another successfully strategy is to use other websites to link yourself back to your own website.
  6. Number 6 goes hand in hand with number 5. Create a lot of other insignificant sites and link them all back to your main site. More sites mean more traffic and increased productivity.
  7. Be certain to insure that when you are linking sites that your content is relevant and makes sense, and also be sure not to over link. If your visitors get annoyed then it means the will start looking elsewhere and this leads to loss in traffic.
  8. Create a site map. This is a basic web page that lists all of your websites and shows your different links to your site and this also makes it easier for computer “bots” to find you and search for your site.
  9. Now this is probably the most difficult out of all SEO. Search friendly URL’s. The simpler your term usage the better.

Seo tips for the this season

finding-customers-onlineIs your website ready for the 2013 – 2014 season?  As more and more people start to spend money online instead of buying at the shop it has become imperative to have rankings. Most webmasters seems to be aware if their website is doing well or not. Some don’t know why while others do. We will explain to you some beginner SEO tips to stay ahead of your competition and make some good online sales.

Your website structure

How are your website presently organized? How easy is it to navigate and how difficult is it to find your services or products. Do you provide a clear idea where they need to click to sign up for whatever you are selling. Before you even start a website it is imperative for you look at your website not as an owner of it but as a client. Somebody that does not your keywords or your slang.

Look at your websites format. Is your website formatted in a way that it can be visited by search engines but also make sense to visitors. Sometimes difficult for seo consultants to format a client’s website. Format the website to not contain things like whole page flash or images. These extra things does not mean anything to a search engine and therefor will just void it and give the website no rankings, and no sales.

Improve your design navigation

Your navigation of your website must be easy to follow. If a visitor has a hard time to find product or services on your website they will most probably go to your competitors. Deceiving navigation will lead to higher bounce rates and no return visits. So you need to design your navigation that you it will be search engines friendly and the users should not be overwhelmed with all the links.

When the visitor visits your website you need to make a clear call the action. For instance if you are giving a discount you need to make perfectly clear to the client that if you buy this product and use this discount code you will get this much off the selling price. It is a basic understanding among digital marketing services companies that you don’t want your customer to think. You want him to following the breadcrumbs of his credit card to your merchant gateway.

After opening your website you need to make sure that you visit your websites keywords every now and then. Sometimes keyword trends change and competition goes up or down. In most cases it goes up and then you need to know what you need to do to get back in the SEO game. In some cases your keyword may be totally off mark. The person that is looking at this may be totally looking for something else.

In conclusion, you need to look at your keywords and your call to action pages. Talk to your seo guy or seo optimiser more frequently and make him understand that you need rankings.

The Growth of Link Building for Seo

organic-seoAll seo masters has to agree, linking building has evolved in the last 10 years, in fact things have changed so much that seo link building techniques that were extremely effective 10 years ago are totally out of date and will never work today.

Link building forever been changing but with google recent Penguin and Panda updates they have literally taken it to higher level. The Panda update targeted low quality linking and the Penguin targeted abnormal links.

So the question should be, how has linking building changed since the early days of search engines. We have made a list of link building tactics that should be avoided and not used.

Link-Building tactics that you should avoid.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking basically means that you as a webmaster will put a link on your website to another website. That website will then do a reciprocal link back to your website. This interlinking is called Reciprocal linking. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with mutual links. Webmasters links to other webmaster sites and visa verso, we believe this is natural but offcource if you using reciprocal linking as a seo strategy then you will see your site slapped with some sort of seo penalty. Google inherently do not want unnatural linking.

A couple of years ago this seo tactic was extremely popular among seo agents as this was easy to do and easy to sustain. But search engines realized that this kind of linking strategy cannot going on like this. Search Engines like Google an Yahoo have upgraded and now can now pick up reciprocal link grids. If they see your site in this network they will whack  you with a some sort of penalty and all your seo strategies will go out of window.

Directory Submissions

The link building tactic must be the most popular tactic in find one way back-links to a webmaster website. Basically this method involves getting your website listed with a simple web directory that is either relevant and or irrelevant to you keyword. Webmaster chose Quantity over quantity. The idea was to get as many directory links as possible to your website. The more links you received the better you did in the SERP’s

After a few years everybody was doing linking building in directories. The spammers got hold of the idea and spam the directories to death. These site lost all its Page Rank power and therefor the value of the site dwindled.

Just note that there is a couple of directories left that do have some Pagerank. This includes directories like BOTW, and Dmoz. In most cases you have to pay to be added to these directories.

Paid Links

In the google guidelines they make it perfectly clear that they do not want sites to pay for links. Usually these links stand out as there are not in the content, but rather on the side of the page not site wide. Checkout  our online seo packages or visit us on our facebook page.