Why Flash movies is a big no-no for seo

content needed for searchAlthough using a flash player may look all nice and pretty to look it, they do absolutely nothing for you ranking on the web. This is because search engines like plain text and cannot read those of a flash player. Sometimes it even prevents your web site form being indexed at all. I tend never to use a flash player and neither do big SEO service consultants.

Menus with text
This is something that is similar to the previous point. Do not hide your navigational menu links in your images. This is very important to SEO consultants because once again the search engines cannot read graphics as well as they can read plain text. Your navigational menu is something that is vitally important because of the fact that you need to take the spiders into account. The spiders need to able to read the text so that they are able to determine the hierarchy of your web site but also because the keywords that the text has indicates to the search engine what is important on the next page.

“ALT” and “TITLE” and keyword tags
As I have mentioned before, search engine spiders are unable to read graphics. This means that when you are adding images to your web site, be sure to add titles and tag them. SEO specialists have found this method to work very well in the past because it adds extra information for the search engines. This is always a good thing. This means that you need to take the default setting off and rename those images.

When you are doing this, be sure to add keywords into the title tags. This helps greatly with both indexing and getting a higher page ranking. Let me give you an example while still staying with the car theme. If you have a photo of a Ford Mustang and the file name is something like “f5866h.jpeg” then I suggest that you change it to look something like “Ford Mustang.jpeg” But you still need to keep to your keywords.

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