Google SEO Keyword tools

online-marketing-picThere are so many of these keyword tools that you are able to use but the ones that I have found and that the bigger SEO company’s use, are the Google tools and my favorite is Wordtracker. But the advantage that the Google tool offers you is to be able to also research trends in the search engines. This can be a very useful tool if you are looking towards the future. FI you are looking to fork out some cash on getting a more premium keyword research tool then I would suggest something like SEObooks or SEOmoz or Raven tools. These are all very good but I have found that the bigger SEO company’s do not even use these tools so h=I have just stuck with those that I get for free because I have no need for the tools that the premium versions offer you. But at the end of the day what you are basically looking for is a low competition key phrase.

The high competition key phrases are a much harder market to break into because of the fact that so many people are using them and therefore you will struggle to get in there. This is why I would suggest that you use the low competition key phrases because it is much easier for you to be able to get to the top of the search rankings using these keywords phrase because less people are using them. Having said this, do not obviously go for the most useless keyword phrase. I tend to use those that are more in the middle. The ones that users are searching for a lot but also that not many people are using for their own site. Make sense?

I can also tell you what the bigger SEO companies do. What they do is to take one of the words or keyword phrases and to type it into Google’s search bar but putting in quotation marks. For example it would look something like this, “How to install windows themes?” What the SEO companies then do is, to look at the number that appears on the bottom of the search box. The number tends to be bigger than 75,000, then they tend to avoid it because this means that that keyword phrase is very highly competitive. But if it has a lower number then they tend to use those keyword phrases because the market will be much easier for you to get into. Does this make sense?

Having said this, note that if a keyword phrase has a lower competitive rate, this does not mean that the users are not searching for it and you will receive less traffic. A better way to think about it is, if that keyword phrase sends you less traffic it will not matter because that keyword phrase is something that is being highly targeted by the user. Does this make sense?

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