SEO Company Cape Town

seo in cape townThere is a new SEO company out of Cape Town that is very fast becoming one of the top competitors when it comes to search engine optimization. The experts at this SEO Company in Cape Town know that there is I huge demand for the growing need of users needing a proficient SEO company. I have listed some of the techniques that they use in their arsenal to get your web site to number one on the page rankings.

Content is king

This Cape Town based SEO company know that content is king in search engine optimization. Creating your own unique content is the only way to go I making a new page. They do not create duplicate content pages because they know that it can take only one duplicate content page to ruin your standings on the page rankings. You need to be able to right one of a kind content. Content that is relevant and to the point. This SEO Company in Cape Town creates articles of between four hundred to five hundred words to submit on blogs and then link it back to your site.
What this does is one of two things main things. One, it creates another link to your site which is a good thing in the eyes of the search engines because it seems as though your site is a very talked about subject. Remember the more natural links you have coming to your site the better for you. It also increases your traffic due to the many more ways that users are able to find you. Two, the content that they create for you is very unique. You will never find two that are the same.

Create your site map

The experts at the new Online marketing Company in the Western Cape have found it more often than none that users tend to forget about their site map. When it comes to SEO, this is one of the most important things that you need to do and forget about it is not an option. What the site map actually does is it shows the spiders how many incoming links that you have coming into your site and going from your site and where they are coming from or going too. Sounds simple? Without a site map it can take you ten times longer to be indexed. Show the spiders where to go, gives them less work and therefore you get indexed faster. The faster you get indexed, the faster you climb on the page rankings.

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