Seo Consultants explain how to get to the top

search-pictureThis page has been created not only for SEO consultants but also for anybody else that just wants to enhance their search engine optimizing productivity. This page does carry on form another page but there is no need for you to go and read that page first although I do recommend that you do so, as I will be continuing from where I left off.

When last I finished writing, I was discussing the important of being indexed and the role that the  internet spiders have therein. AS you may know (and all SEO consultants) is the important role that spiders play in being indexed and how fast this can happen.
I left off last by stating that the easiest way to get noticed by the spiders is by creating a site map and showing the links that you have incoming or outgoing from your site. The more that you have the better obviously.
You need to keep a couple of things in mind when you are trying to grab the attention of the spiders. One thing that you must keep in mind is that spiders love clean HTML code and XHTML. Spiders don’t really like JavaScript. If you really must use JavaScript then I what I suggest that you do is, to put it in an external file and then use and include call. Its a known fact that Emarketing Consultant use this trick a lot.
Once gain another thing that they do not like is the use of CSS files. Once again what I suggest you do is put it in an external CSS file. And lastly they really hate non-dynamic URL paths.
The last and probably most important is the non-dynamic URL paths. SEO consulates know that spiders really do not like these. You find this problem a lot with online shopping sites because that non-dynamic URL path eventually becomes a default setting, depending in what system you might be using to create them.
To give you an example of what the spiders do not like is: SEO advisor try to avoid these as far as possible because they can sometimes have a negative effect on your site if you have too many of them.

The easiest way to do this that I have found is to make those non-dynamic URL into a static URL. SO if I had to use the same previous example then it would look something like: If you want to be even more SEO consultant friendly then you would want it to look something like Doing this on the other hand is a hole other stories on its own. Takes a lot of time and patients.

This page will continue on another page so if you have found these tricks insightful then please follow us on another page:


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