Some easy to use SEO tips, lets continued – Part 2

online-marketing-planThis page is all about search engine optimization. In our previous pages we discuss how using search engine optimization or SEO to make your site better and to get more traffic to your site. It is not necessary to read the other pages but it would be a good idea because the more information that you have the better it would be for you.  Information is king as they say.

Make user friendly URL’s

IT is a good idea to make your site as user friendly as possible and this especially includes your URL’s. In your file names and URL’s use keywords that are specific to the subject and user friendly. For example:  Always remember that if you have more than 4 hyphens in your URL, people tend to think that it might be spam I they might not click on it. Try to be short and sweet but to the point and using specific keywords. Also remember that when you are creating your URL’s or file names that hyphens are treated as a space and underscores are not. This is sometimes very useful.

Research your keywords when doing SEO

When you are starting a new site or project it is a good idea to do some keyword research. There are many ways for you to do this but if you do not have a lot of money and you want to take the cheaper option then you can always find free wordtrackers on the net. Some good examples of free word trackers are Google’s adwords keyword tool, wordtracker or keyword discovery. All these versions obviously have more expensive and better versions but the free versions work perfectly well. What these tools basically do is, it show s you the relative volume of one word compared to another. Obviously always try to use the keywords with the highest volumes because these are the keywords that are being looked up in search engines the most. This is a very popular trick with some SEO companies. If you like you can find out more about these services we provide.

search-pictureSEO Firms always the correct option

Do not forget that when you are writing an article for instance that you always need to write to the user and not to focus on getting to the highest page rank through Google or some other search engine. Remember that your article could be the best in the eyes of the search engine and get you the highest page ranking but if it does not make sense and you are not writing for the reader then people will stop coming to your site no matter what your rank on the page ranking might be.


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