SEO writing especially for bloggers Part 2

I have written this page to help you understand this fundamentals to enhancing your presence online using SEO company strategies.

Write great content

Any content can be rattled out in a matter of 15min. But the great content takes time and effort to do. This helps at the end of the day because people want to read fresh, unique, up to date content that keeps them intrigued. Remember to write for the individual and not just for the search engines. Yes putting keywords in and manipulating your site to accomplish the end result is the objective of the game but you need to be able to do so while still keeping your said audience captivated and hanging onto your every word.

Great content can help you in the long run in a number of ways. Not only does it give you a fresh well written page but it open other doors for people to like you content and in turn want to link to you. This is god because once again if they link to you and you link to them, then that is another link to be added to your site map which in turn gets noticed by the spiders and this helps you getting indexing and this obviously raises your page ranking which leads to more traffic which increases your productivity.

Guest blogging

I recommend that you do this at least five times a month if that is at all possible. All the professional SEO Company experts say that when you are guest blogging and you have them linked back to you, it is five times more valuable to you than if you are posting you own blog. Then having said this, becoming a guest blogger is not that easy. You need to build up a relationship with these bloggers and have them trust you. But a well invested blogging relationship can pay off at the end of the day. This is especially helpful if the blog that you are guest blogging for is a well-respected blogger with lots of incoming traffic. Remember that incoming links are essential.

Social media

In this day and age, social media has become a must do. I cannot remember the last time that I might someone that was not on twitter, Facebook or any other social media sites. One of the main reasons that social media is so important for SEO Company’s is that tweets and retweets are invaluable. I am only using twitter as an example right now but it works with any social media site. Let’s say you tweet something (this is seen by the search engines) and someone else rewets something and so on and so on. Every time that you retweet it tells the search engines that this is a very highly talked about subject and gains a lot of weight with the search engines. This is a very big technique that the bigger SEO Company’s use.


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