Quick tips that are sometimes forgotten with SEO – Part 4

social-linksThis page is a continuation of our previous sites that we have found to be very successful to some of our readers. They found that when they took the time to read through this page they found something to increase their productivity in the Online Marketing Company. Some of these tips you may know and might have just forgotten about but what do you have to loose. Positive feedback is always a plus. So you like this page then please let us know. Below are some useful tips and perks.

Get your Social marks up

It is very important to understand social marketing and how they work and target their market. The better your understating of how these sites like, for example Facebook or twitter work then the better your understanding of the different types of search engines you will have.

Creating a video sitemap and registering it with your Google webmasters central account is a very very good idea. If you do this then it makes it much easier for the crawlers to find you and this in turn pushes up your page rank and this leads to more traffic which leads to increase in productivity.
Remember to submit your videos to other sites like yahoo, bing, AOL etc. because although YouTube might be the most popular it helps because it helps you get seen. Remember Google blended search result don’t just show YouTube results (it might come up first but this is because their Cape Town SEO Company is one of the best) but “blends” the rest in as well.

Video content works just like picture content. Remember to surround your video with high quality rich content to define the usefulness of your videos or site itself.

If you are using a lot of images in your web site then remember to enable “enhanced image search” in your Google webmasters central account. Google uses blended search result which means that if you make it easier for Google to find your pictures or images then it just works in your benefit.
It is a very good idea to broaden your horizons when it comes to SEO. Try using videos, podcasts or even social content in your range of services. It is not just 10 blue links making up SEO anymore but a wide variety of components. The more attractive your links look the better it is for you.

If you are concerned about the spiders thinking that you are making duplicating content and you are worried about the one site that you really want to stay then, I it a very good idea to put the URL of the preferred page on your sitemap.


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