Extra SEO Tips for bloggers

As more and more websites are being build, the more traditional ways of getting traffic via search engines will become more important. The world of blogging is becoming the easiest way to ensure high rankings for you money website. With a blog you can create authority and thus link better with your consumers and of course increase your visibility in the search engines.

The search engines are forever making changes to their algorithms to accommodate for changes in the internet marketplace as well for people that are more internet savvy. We see this all the time when search engines make a change to their search engine results and test these changes on specific internet user communities. A recent change for instance is the use of videos and news in the main search results. You can also now have personalised search if you own a Google Gmail account. These account keep you preferences in their database, thus if you are looking for certain keywords all the time they show only certain at the top results.

Worldwide search results signify an problem for search engine optimizers since there is less screen time available in normal text listings. So your website may be pushed off the first page listings if you are not inspecting and implementing better than your opposition. Also it has become imperative to look at social media marketing.

We at SEOland believe that every SEO campaign should start out with at least 5 blogs.  We use the popular blog engines WordPress. Not only is free but also open source blogging platform. It contains thousands of different plugins that cost almost nothing when downloading them.


seo-2014Setup a SEO WordPress blog

If you are running a normal business it’s important to open a authority website. We have times ourselves and it usually takes about 12 min for us to setup a seo blog on WordPress. You may want to use other free services blog like Blogger(a Google platform) or Movable Type blogging software.

Add Your SEO content

Remember to add content to your blog at least once per week. Of course the frequently you update your blog the better. The search engines start to notice that this blog keeps on changing and thus will become an leader in their search terms. When adding the content you need to remember to add tags and seo categories. If you are not sure what to write you need to search the internet for established blogs and see what they are writing about. You can use the content on the page but this is seen as duplicate content. This kind of content will not get a high ranking as you are not the owner of this content.  If budget permits you can get somebody to write the articles for you. You can even rent somebody write a couple of articles for you for a price.

RSS Feeds for SEO

RSS is an easy way to get yourself index. Blogs create Rss feeds which other systems can read when your blog site gets updated. When making changes to your content you can get site like Pingomatic or pingoat to ping your website.(the links and the rss feed)

How to promote your blog

Remember to  control the search engines by using the keyword tools. Find the specific niche keywords and write article just about those keywords. When you start out you need to remember to go for keyword that are less competitive.

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