The Growth of Link Building for Seo

organic-seoAll seo masters has to agree, linking building has evolved in the last 10 years, in fact things have changed so much that seo link building techniques that were extremely effective 10 years ago are totally out of date and will never work today.

Link building forever been changing but with google recent Penguin and Panda updates they have literally taken it to higher level. The Panda update targeted low quality linking and the Penguin targeted abnormal links.

So the question should be, how has linking building changed since the early days of search engines. We have made a list of link building tactics that should be avoided and not used.

Link-Building tactics that you should avoid.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking basically means that you as a webmaster will put a link on your website to another website. That website will then do a reciprocal link back to your website. This interlinking is called Reciprocal linking. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with mutual links. Webmasters links to other webmaster sites and visa verso, we believe this is natural but offcource if you using reciprocal linking as a seo strategy then you will see your site slapped with some sort of seo penalty. Google inherently do not want unnatural linking.

A couple of years ago this seo tactic was extremely popular among seo agents as this was easy to do and easy to sustain. But search engines realized that this kind of linking strategy cannot going on like this. Search Engines like Google an Yahoo have upgraded and now can now pick up reciprocal link grids. If they see your site in this network they will whack  you with a some sort of penalty and all your seo strategies will go out of window.

Directory Submissions

The link building tactic must be the most popular tactic in find one way back-links to a webmaster website. Basically this method involves getting your website listed with a simple web directory that is either relevant and or irrelevant to you keyword. Webmaster chose Quantity over quantity. The idea was to get as many directory links as possible to your website. The more links you received the better you did in the SERP’s

After a few years everybody was doing linking building in directories. The spammers got hold of the idea and spam the directories to death. These site lost all its Page Rank power and therefor the value of the site dwindled.

Just note that there is a couple of directories left that do have some Pagerank. This includes directories like BOTW, and Dmoz. In most cases you have to pay to be added to these directories.

Paid Links

In the google guidelines they make it perfectly clear that they do not want sites to pay for links. Usually these links stand out as there are not in the content, but rather on the side of the page not site wide. Checkout  our online seo packages or visit us on our facebook page.


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